To Batec And Beyond

I love to use my Batec front wheel drive attachment.  I don’t know how many people have actually heard of a Batec, it could be the best mobility device out there for people in manual wheelchairs who love to be outdoors, and want to get off the beaten path.

I am a C7 quadriplegic with two very active sons aged 7 and 10.  They love to ride bikes, go to the skatepark, and be generally crazy!  With my Batec I can go on bike rides with them, take them to the skatepark and be very independent.  I can also use it to go from my house into town to get groceries or to get a cup of coffee with friends.

I knew as soon as I was able to push a manual wheelchair I was going to do it!  There was no way I was going to be in a power chair.  My only issue with this was that although I had the strength to push my chair on flat and some slight grades, I didn’t have the hand function to grip the hand rims to brake, and push up steeper terrain.  I just needed something to help with the long downhills, and long uphill.  I knew that when my wife found Batec on the internet that it was for me.

l had seen many similar styles of hand bike in my search for the right one for me. Some I needed to pick up off the ground to install on my wheelchair. This would not work for me because I have weak core muscles and would not have the strength to lift it off the ground. Some were just not rugged enough to put up with living in a rural area.  My family and I live a little off the beaten path.  Luckily the Batec is freestanding for easy latching on, and off.  (Although if the ground is too uneven it can be a little tricky) It is also very strongly built with very good disc brakes for going down hills, and accident avoidance.  A well built frame, and mountain bike handle bars make it comfortable to use as well.

The battery has a good long life, I found it could go about 40km in distance on a full charge. The little extras that come with it, like the two USB charge ports for charging your phone, and the awesome front headlight, and sweet red LED running lights that make you really visible at night time.  You can also get a basket, or luggage carrier which are both removable that go on the front of the bike so you can carry things with you, or pick things up while you are out.

The one thing that I have a challenge with is getting the Batec in and out of vehicles.  So far I have needed to have someone help me put it in and take it out of my van.  That being said, I do believe that there is a solution.  I think that a small crane in the back of a pickup truck or in the trunk of a SUV would work.  I’m working on this with a new vehicle so l will keep everyone posted.

I would also like to say that I paid full price for this piece of equipment and these are my own opinions.

If you are interested in owning your own Batec check out their website at