Forrest Campbell
Forrest Campbell

Our Approach

My Approach

After sustaining my Spinal Cord Injury in March 2015, life has changed a lot for me. There are also some things that will never change for me. I love my family, my kids and my life.. how ever it looks these days. That will not change, so I choose to move forward with the goal of helping as many folks in similar situations reach their personal and professional goals, with the use of some amazing inventions and equipment.

Our Story

My Story

My names is Forrest Campbell and I was born and raised in the beautiful Canadian Rockies with my sister, bother, mom and dad. My life was always full of adventures that only kids raised in a National Park get to experience. After graduating from high school and working as a bike tech, among other things, I came to the Columbia Valley to look for work at the local ski area, Panorama. I started as a snowmaker and met my wife on the first day of work. Over the past 16 years, I became a Journeyman Electrician we have trhavelled, lived in Australia and been fortunate enough to call the valley home ever since.

While skiing at Panorama on March 15, 2015 I had a ski crash that broke my neck at the C6-7 level, leaving my diagnosed as an incomplete quadriplegic. That means that I have sensation below injury level, but not motor function.  In the past 2 years I have been working really hard to recover as much function as possible.  I made a trip to Thailand for stem cell treatment, and do as much physio as possible.  I truly believe that keeping my body healthy and strong will pay off one day when the technology to cure spinal cord injuries is available.

Meet My Crew

Our Crew is lucky enough to live in Invermere,  British Columbia. This valley is home to adventure seekers and great folks who love to be outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. Here is the crew..


Cassy Campbell

Mum, Owner of Stripes Gear

&  "logistics co-ordinator"


Owen Campbell

Big Bro, Skatepark ripper


Taylor Campbell

Lil Bro', Endless energy